4 Signs You Need New Windows

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4 Signs You Need New Windows
4 Signs You Need New Windows

Need New Windows - How Long Will They Last?

As time goes on renovating parts of your house becomes a normal necessity. Fixing up the bathroom and repainting the bedroom sounds like a good plan, but windows are usually forgotten. The windows in your house age with everything else and might need to be changed. You might need new windows.

But do you know when to replace your windows? The real answer ranges from 20 years more or less. Although that is not a definite answer there are many factors that affect the life consistency of your windows. Each of these can be the main reason why you should replace your windows

Signs You Need New Windows

Type and Quality of Window Materials

Each window material has a different way to properly take care of it. If cared for with quality, crafted wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows can last for multiple years. Wood windows are known for their long life span and found in most century homes. It can last 30+ years. Fiberglass is a low maintenance material that is extremely durable to high and low temperatures. Vinyl windows are more affordable and have the same quality known for their strength of warping weather changes. These both can last 20 to 40 years.


The climate of your home can also affect the durability of your windows. Hail and strong storms will cause replacement no matter how new the windows are. Most homes in harsh climates tend to deteriorate faster. Ranging from extreme heat or cold, salt spray, sunlight, and moisture will all take a toll on windows.

Poor or Improper Installation of Windows

The long-term health of your windows starts from the day you put them in. Following the proper manufacturing instructions and ensuring that they fit correctly can peak performance for many years. This prevents water from coming in and causing damage. Fitting the windows perfectly will make it less likely to move and shift over the years.

Window Usage

Most windows are made by sliding them up and down or turning a crank to open or close. As all things work, as you use them more they start to wear out. Most usage problems can be repaired or replaced and give the window a lifetime of years. 

After looking over these and if you said yes to most of them make sure to get your windows replaced ASAP!

  • Window frames are warped 
  • Double-pane windows feel cold on the inside 
  • Difficulty opening and closing your windows 
  • Cracked or broken window glass 
  • You feel a draft coming in 
  • You hear more noise than usual from outside 
  • There is moisture or frost on the window sills or between the glass 
  • Your home survived a major storm such as a tornado or hurricane
  • It’s difficult to control the temperature in your house

Repairing New Windows

Should you repair your windows? This depends on the severity of your windows. Some problems may be impossible to fix on your own like foggy glass or rotten wood but smaller issues such as fixing the window sash cord or repairing a broken vintage window might be a cheaper alternative than replacing. 

Repairs will be your advantage in the short term circumstances but window replacements will most likely be necessary for the future. The other downside of repairments will be the missing out on heating and cooling savings. 

There are many things you can do to boost efficiency until your new window replacement comes. Examine any air leaks and seal them with caulk and weatherstripping. Consider storm windows, solar control firms, or exterior shading. Installing window coverings and treatments can help to save them as well. After fixing, reexamining your windows for any air leaks.

How Long Will Your Windows Last?

It’s hard to tell the exact time to get new windows. It all depends on the age and condition of the windows when you first bought your house and when they installed them. If your windows are showing a great size of aging such as weather damage, drafty seals, reduced efficiency, or condensation, then you should start thinking about repairing them. The damage of a single open window can cause way more obstacles to other parts of your home. 

To be 100% sure you could get an expert opinion by hiring a window professional. They will come and take a look at your windows and let you know if you need some maintenance, replacement or a replacement is warranted. Depending on if you’re a new or long-term homeowner make sure to check the conditions of your windows. Replacing your windows could reduce the cost of your energy bills and help you save money!

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  2. A couple of the windows around here are starting to warp way past their initial shape. If this continues, then there probably isn’t anything stopping them from breaking altogether, leaving a lot of empty holes in our house’s exterior. I’ll go and look for a window replacement expert immediately and ask them for some new ones as per your advice.

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