5 Businesses That Require Safety Glass

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5 Businesses That Require Safety Glass
5 Types of Businesses That Need Safety Glass

What Type of Businesses Need Safety Glass?

Safety glass, also known as safety glazing, is a type of glass that is specially designed to protect against accidents and injuries from shards of broken glass. Although safety glass can be used in residential and commercial buildings alike, there are certain businesses that use it more frequently than others. Here are five different types of businesses that require safety glass in order to keep their employees and customers safe and protected at all times.

5 Different Types of Businesses that Require Safety Glass

There are many different businesses that require safety glass, not just car dealerships— and each business type has its own unique needs. By understanding these different types of businesses and their respective needs, you can work with your local glass company to choose appropriate shatterproof or bulletproof glazing for any new or existing storefronts. Here’s a look at five types of businesses that may need shatterproof glazing:

1) Food Service

Foodservice businesses are at the highest risk for injuries caused by broken glass. The high volume of people within restaurants, bars, and cafes increases these risks, not to mention there is usually alcohol involved in these establishments. Having safety glasses reduces risks associated with customers breaking panels and shards of glass flying around after a breakage incident.

2) Construction Sites

Thanks to their enhanced durability and resistance, safety glasses are a must for construction sites. If you’re working with glass that is not safety glazing, then you’re highly prone to injury if something were to break. When it comes to construction, broken glass can lead to more than just cuts and minor injuries—sometimes, it can lead to lawsuits. The best way to avoid these circumstances is to use impact-resistant glass that’s specifically designed to withstand all kinds of stressors.

3) Automotive Repair

Automotive repairs often involve working with components that can catch fire, explode, or otherwise cause injury. Since you don’t want your employees to be exposed to these highly dangerous circumstances, you need safety glasses that are specially designed to protect them against these risks. These glasses are often installed as separators, creating a barrier between the main office sections, sitting areas, and repair bays. In essence, they act as a safety precaution against similar hazards of the automotive repair business.

4) Industrial Use

From manufacturing to medical facilities, safety glass is essential for those working in industrial environments. Choosing a type of safety glass that’s specifically designed for industrial use is a must since many of the applications required shielding from harsh chemicals, particulates, and other risks. Additionally, safety glass can also provide a higher level of energy efficiency, which is a big plus for those wanting to curb their energy footprints and save money on their bills.

5) Commercial Premises

From the office to retail environments, commercial premises are some of the biggest proponents of using safety glass. Regular commercial glass is not meant to withstand the abuse of collisions, impacts, or extremes in temperature. By replacing the standard glass with safety glass, commercial business owners ensure that their workers and their customers won’t need to be concerned with sustaining injuries due to falling glass.

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