5 Steps To Repair Glass and Windows

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5 Steps To Repair Glass and Windows
5 Steps To Repair Glass and Windows


From time to time, you may find yourself needing to repair glass and windows, whether because of an accident or simply because you want to make your windows last longer. Repairing your windows and glass isn’t difficult, but there are plenty of things you should know before starting the repair process. Follow these five steps to get the most out of your window and glass repair projects.

5 Simple Steps to Repair GLASS AND WINDOWS

Step 1 - Remove the Broken Glass

Professionals recommend for the first step to repair glass and windows that you begin any project by removing as much broken glass as possible. Whether it’s a window or tabletop, there’s no doubt that your first step should be to clear away as many of those sharp pieces as possible. This will reduce your chances of injury significantly. Work carefully and avoid direct contact with these shards; plastic gloves and safety goggles will help protect your hands and eyes, respectively. Even broken glass can cause serious lacerations if it’s handled carelessly. So go slowly and ensure that even the minutest shard is removed from your work area. Using an ordinary household broom, sweep up all smaller fragments, being sure not to let them fall onto other parts of your home where they could cause damage elsewhere. Use a damp cloth to wipe up larger pieces of remaining glass and store them safely in sealed baggies until disposal day arrives.

Step 2 - Unsticking The Broken Window

Now that you have successfully removed all the broken glass from your area, the next step to repair glass or windows is to begin removing the window from its old frame. Begin by finding a screwdriver with matching tips; most household windows will require a flathead. Insert each tip into opposite sides of the damaged pane and twist until each has been removed entirely. Once they are removed, try jiggling them out as far as possible; if they do not move after some gentle prying, chances are good they will need to be removed using more forceful measures later on. Hold them steady, so they do not fall onto someone below or behind you! Use caution when doing so!

Step 3 - Measure The Panel Size

Now that the broken window is finally removed, the next step to repair glass and windows is to measure your old frame in order to find a replacement glass. This step should be relatively straightforward if you have a standard-sized pane in mind. However, it can be more difficult if you are attempting to replace an unusual size panel. For instance, if you are replacing a barn-door-sized pane in an ordinary home, all you need do is purchase glass cut to its specific dimensions! But what about when your project requires something considerably larger? Just go to the local glass store with your measurements, provide them with details on what sort of glass you are looking for, and they will take care of everything else!

Step 4 - Install The New Panel & Window

Now that you have all the necessary materials, the next step to repair glass and windows is to install your new window. Begin by wiping down both your existing frame and your replacement pane with damp cloths. Make sure no dust or grit is present in either location before moving on. Place your glass carefully into its proper place, making sure it lines up properly with pre-existing grooves. If any other part of your home will be visible through these panes (such as another window), be absolutely certain they match! Once everything is lined up correctly, place screws through pre-existing holes in order to secure them firmly into place. Then give them a good twist using your screwdriver until you hear each pop into place securely.

Step 5 - Call In The Experts

If you find the whole process described above a bit intimidating, it might be best to call in a professional. They know all too well how important it is for windows and glass surfaces to be properly installed. Take advantage of their expertise! They will be able to install your new pane in a fraction of time while using half as many tools! This will save both time and money, two precious commodities which should never be squandered!

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