Broken Double Pane Windows - Should You Repair or Replace

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Double Panel Windows

If Only One Side of My Double Pane Window Broke, Do I Need to Replace Both Pieces?

Dual-panel window glass is a durable and versatile product that is a crucial part of any window system. It provides a safe and comfortable environment by blocking out solar heat and wind while also allowing in light to keep your home or workspace feeling fresh and new. However, like any other material, window glass is subject to breakage due to the natural wear and tear that comes with use. This breakage can occur anywhere along with the frame of your window, from the bottom rail to the top rail or from the side rail to the bottom sash. If one of these areas is broken, you may be at risk of serious injuries, not to mention the increase in energy costs. To better assist you in determining if you need to replace the broken glass or if you need to replace both pieces, we have provided some information and tips below.

What Are DOUBLE Pane Windows?

A double-pane window consists of two pieces of glass separated by a space that is filled with a material, such as argon or krypton. This space provides a barrier against air and moisture infiltration and helps keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter. Because these dual-pane windows include two layers for insulation instead of one, they are more durable than single-pane models. That’s why dual-pane windows can last 20 or 30 years if properly maintained.

How DOUBLE Pane Windows Make Your Home Energy-Efficient?

Dual pane windows are constructed with two panes of glass separated by a small space filled with either air or gas. This layer between panes acts as an insulator that prevents heat transfer between indoors and outdoors; it also slows down convection currents inside your home. With less heat entering or exiting through your window frames, your HVAC system works less hard to maintain even temperatures year-round. As you cut back on heating and cooling costs, you save money! According to Energy Star, dual-pane windows can reduce energy usage for heating and cooling in single-family homes by up to 20 percent— which is a primary reason why for more than two decades, dual-pane windows have become a new standard feature in new construction.

If Only One Side of My Double Pane WindowS Broke, Do I Need to Replace Both Pieces?

The short answer is YES!

Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons, only one pane of dual-pane window breaks (often the one facing the exertion), leading you to wonder whether it’s necessary to replace both panes when you fix your broken windowpane.

Well, because the whole working of a double-pane window depends on its parts functioning together in a perfect manner, you should indeed replace both panes if only one has broken. As soon as a panel of an old window shatters, the trapped air between its inner and outer panes starts leaking out quickly.

This gas is compulsory for the smooth operation of insulated windows; it fills up spaces around individual particles of glass and protects them from direct contact with temperature changes. However, once there’s no more gas left inside your window, it will not be able to preserve thermal levels inside and outside—which would eventually lead to increased energy costs.

To protect yourself from high electricity bills and ensure the maximum level of comfort at home, you must consider investing in a new windowpane.

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