Office Glass Table Top Repair

Office Glass Table Top Repair

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Select Glass and Windows offers fast and reliable glass tabletop repair services for homes and businesses, including storefronts, windows, doors, and other glass. 

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Office Glass Table Top Repair

Office glass table tops are great for any space. They give your furniture a new appearance and protect it from damage. Glass table tops also make your office look airier and give it a stylish modern touch.

However, a common problem with office glass table tops is that they can crack or break. Luckily, there are several repair options for this type of issue, and it’s important to know them to decide how to carry out your repairs.

Office Glass Table Top Repair SERVICES

Wherever possible, it’s highly advisable to use the same company that created the table top for repairs to ensure quality workmanship. Alternatively, you can visit an experienced glass repair company for your office glass table top repair needs.

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How To Identify If Your Office Glass Table Top Needs Repair

Bubbles or a cloudy appearance on your office glass table top indicate significant damage. If you cannot see any cracks but suspect there might be some, you can use a flashlight and magnifying glass to check for cracks not noticeable with the naked eye.

This helps to determine if the damage is severe enough to require repair. And if you’re not handy, you can call your local service provider for a thorough inspection.

Interior glass partition
Office glass partition

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Some Options for Repairing a Broken Glass Table Top

First, call your original manufacturer after any accident involving damage to your office glass table top. The reason you want to do this is that there are unique warranty restrictions for each brand. As such, potential replacements will need to adhere to those standards.

Depending on the size of damage, you might replace your table top yourself. If you can’t DIY, call a professional service provider who offers glass table top repair services.

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The Procedure for Glass Table Top Repair

The first step in repairing a glass table top is to ensure that the two pieces are of the same thickness. If they do not match, use an acrylic stick to fill up the thinner part of the glass.

Place one side of the glass on a large piece of soft fabric to avoid scratching it with an abrasive material. Position both pieces side by side and mark the edges that need to be cut.

Glass Table Top
Glass Table Top


Having marked the glass, use a glass cutter to score the line you have drawn. The best way to do this is in several passes instead of cutting through it in one move. Once you have made all your marks, gently tap along the scored lines with a rubber mallet until the piece breaks cleanly.

Use the bottom of the glass as a pattern for cutting the new piece and adhere it to its surface using double-sided tape. Place both pieces of glass face down and tap them with a rubber mallet to join them together. You can use a vacuum cleaner hose or a heat gun to smooth over any cracks.

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All in all, it’s important to be mindful of the importance of maintaining your office glass table top. If you use the table wrong, it will be another item on your list of things to repair.

If unsure about the appearance or safety of your office’s glass table top, contact your local glass repair services today for help with repair options!

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