Shower Door Repair And Replacement

Shower Door Repair And Replacement

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A bathroom is more than a functional space in your home. For most people it’s somewhat of a sanctuary, and the shower is the heart of it. Having smooth moving and sleek shower doors is a must for any decent bathroom. Let’s face it, no ones likes a shower curtain! But a door that bobbles when you slide it open or is stiff to open or full buildup and mold is just plain nasty. If your shower door is in need of repair, or is beyond repair and needs to be full replaced then Select Glass and Windows is here for you!

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Let Select Glass and Windows handle your entire shower door repair or replacement project. We offer durable shower doors that are easy-to-clean and smooth to open and close. Our shower doors are made from durable and sustainably sourced materials that will literally hold up for millions of showers. We offer customized designs to match the style of your bathroom sanctuary too.

Shower Door Repair And Replacement

LOCAL Shower Door Repair And Replacement COMPANY

Select Glass and Windows offers fast and reliable shower door repair and replacement services for homes and businesses, including storefronts, windows, doors, and other glass. 

Our emergency teams are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist you and your family with your residential and commercial glass repair and replacement needs.

If you need shower door repair and replacement services, contact us here or give our teams of experts a call.


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Shower Door Repair And Replacement

During your in-home consultation, one of our team members will outline everything you need to know, from the pricing quote, to design options and finally, the installation. Select Glass and Windows will guide you through the entire project.

Shower Door Repair And Replacement SERVICES

We will ensure to always incorporate your needs and your vision for your dream shower environment. One of our professionals will consider the following in your shower door project:

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We will determine the location of the supporting studs and rails if you are replacing a shower door. Your bathroom walls materials (usually tiles or drywall) can influence the scale of the replacement job we undertake.

Shower enclosure installation
Custom Shower Enclosure Installation

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We do all the measurements onsite to ensure a precise and efficient installation. Accuracy is crucial for proper sealing and installation later. We don’t want water on your bathroom floors either!

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Proximity of faucets

The location of faucets and the showerhead also has implications for the project. We consider everything! A properly placed showerhead won’t spray water outside of the enclosure when the door is open.

Shower Door Repair Service
Shower Door Repair

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Finally, ventilation is crucial for keeping your bathroom mold-free. Excess moisture accumulation may result in staining and peeling paint over time. During our consultation, we will review and evaluate the efficiency of your bathroom’s ventilation as this will help determine even more about the shower door you choose.

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Select Glass and Windows shower door repair and replacement services include:

  • Frameless Glass Shower Doors (for a modern look)
  • Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors
  • Fully Framed Glass Shower Doors
  • By-Pass Glass Shower and Glass Tub Enclosures
  • Glass Screens
  • Glass Steam Capsules

Upgrading your bathroom shower door is quick and painless when you choose an industry leader, like us.

Say goodbye to wet floors flooding your bathroom.

Say goodbye to doors that are bumpy, loud and annoying to open, and say goodbye to doors filled with buildup and nasty mold and mildew.

The shower door you want and need is only a phone call away with Select Glass and Windows.

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