What Is The ROI From Energy Efficient Windows

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What Is The ROI From Energy Efficient Windows
What Is the ROI from Energy Efficient Windows

What is the Return on Investment from Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Americans everywhere are moving into new homes or renovating those they already live in. For a number of reasons, not least of all the pandemic, the housing market and housing renovations have exploded in recent years.

One of the most important renovations on the list for many Americans pertains to windows. Replacing old windows with those that are energy efficient has a bevy of benefits for your house, including a cheaper energy bill, better insulation, and improved curb appeal. If you’re wondering what the return on investment is for energy efficient windows, you’ve come to the right place.

Return on Investment for New ENERGY EFFICIENT Windows

First and foremost, the return on investment for new windows is dependent on a number of factors. For example, where you live and what type of window frame you choose will greatly impact the resale value of your house. The number of windows you choose will also impact your bottom line, so it’s important to think about these details before making your selection.

On average, however, when computed with the entire nation in mind, energy efficient windows often see an astounding seventy percent return on investment, a substantial figure. Replacing windows is not the only option you have if your current windows aren’t up to snuff, however.

Repairing Windows Vs. Replacing Windows

Even if you’re adamant about replacing many of the windows in your house, you may not have to replace all of them. In fact, you can repair a number of windows in your house to save money in the short-term and create the same curb appeal as fully replacing windows.

If the framing of your old windows is still in good condition, you may be able to purchase retro-fit windows which fit into their original openings. You’ll still need to replace the sashes, side jambs, and trim, but this process will be much easier and far less costly than replacing the entire window. Retro-fit windows are less energy efficient though, which is a dealbreaker for many.

Costs of a Window Replacement

The cost of a window replacement can vary significantly because of the differences in region, window types, and energy efficiency. On average, the cost of replacing a window can run anywhere from two hundred to seven hundred dollars. Most of this gap in price exists because of the variety of frame material you have to choose from.

Aluminum frames, for example, are more affordable, but don’t offer the energy efficiency or resale value of higher quality material, such as fiberglass or wood. Before you make the final decision for your home, you’ll want to decide which types of windows you want and which features you’re going to need.

Energy EfficienT WINDOWS ARE Worth the Cost

The decision to replace your windows with those that are energy efficient holds many benefits. First, you’ll save a substantial amount on your energy bills, as your A/C and heating systems won’t work nearly as hard to keep your house temperate and comfortable.

New home buyers will hold this fact in consideration when you’re trying to sell, and the curb appeal will also be greatly improved. If you live in a state or city with high energy costs, the savings between low and high energy efficient windows can be mind boggling.

Additional Considerations

The most important benefits in replacing your windows are cost and resale value, but there are many more reasons to replace your windows. You’ll also be leaving a smaller carbon footprint which is great for the planet, in addition to feeling more comfortable within your house during all months of the year.

The lighting and noise from the outside will be drastically reduced, which will help keep you cool and peaceful even at the brightest or loudest points of the day. During cooler months, frost and condensation will be reduced, and the furniture in your house will be less likely to fade because of heating and light from outside.

Remember the ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS Fundamentals

If you choose to replace your windows, always remember to hire the right contractor for the job. Those who lose money on new window installations do so because they don’t do their due diligence when it comes to their choice of contractor. If you’re currently in the market for a contractor, you can trust Select Glass and Windows to do it right the first time. We have the expertise and experience you need for a proper install job with minimal time and complications.

A great window installation takes professionalism and patience, and Selection Glass and Windows possess both of these qualities in spades. You can also take recommendations from friends or choose to look online for contractors who come highly rated. Either way, don’t rush the process; high-quality, energy-efficient window installation takes skill and time.

If you’d like to schedule your free estimate give us a call at (703) 348-3517 or click here to contact us.

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