Window Leak Repair

Window Leak Repair


Water leaking through your windows can lead to a whole host of problems. Not only does it look bad, but water damage is expensive and time-consuming to repair. If you have a leaky window, there are several ways to fix this problem yourself without spending much.

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The first step is figuring out where the leaks are coming from to target them with ease. This guide outlines all the most common causes of window leaks and how to repair them.

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Window Leak Repair

Eventually, every window will leak if they are not high quality or they are installed improperly. Structural failure or poor installation will cause window components to give out and cause water leakage. Another issue with window leaks is leaks can be sneaky. Just because a leak appears around a window that doesn’t mean the window is the source of the leak.

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Window leaks can occur for various reasons. Some of these include:

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Installation Issues

Leaks may occur if contractors fit the window improperly. You may have difficulty with your window’s flashing being properly attached to the wall or with nails being hammered into the wrong spot on the window.

If you have had your windows installed by an amateur before, hire a professional for future projects to avoid installation problems.

Oversized Windows

If your window frame does not match up with the size of your window, water can get in when it rains due to wind pressure. This usually occurs on larger windows because there are gaps between them and their frames, letting rainwater seep through these spaces.

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Window Leak Repair

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Incorrectly Seated Windows

When windows are not seated properly, rainwater can leak through the frame around them and then drip down into your building below. To fix this issue, adjust your windows to be seated properly, or hire a window installer to do this for you.

Leaking Seals

Over time, the seal around your window can get damaged or deteriorate; hence it may not block water making your window leak. You need to regularly check the seal on your window and replace it if it has worn down.


Cracks in the Wall

Cracks in your exterior wall can also let water seep through and create a window leak. Inspect for gaps between the bricks or siding of your building to determine if they could be the reason for your window leaks.


As windows age, they may get damaged and start to leak because their sealant has degraded. If you have old windows, replacing them is the best way to prevent leaks.

Window Leak Repair
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Ways To Fix a Leaking Window

Fixing your window leak is the next after identifying the leaking area. Depending on the cause of a window leak, there are several ways to fix it. The following are some of the most frequent approaches you might use to repair a leaking window:


If your window is leaking because of a damaged or deteriorated seal, all you need to do is add more caulk around the edges where rainwater would typically seep through. This temporarily fixes the issue until a permanent fix is applied.

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Caulk around the window

If there are no cracks between the frame and window itself, but you still have water seeping through them, adding caulk around the edges can help stop these leaks.

Replace Your Leaking Window

If your window is not properly seated or has been damaged over time, the best option for you would be to replace them. This is a long-term fix that will stop any window leaks.

Window Leak Repair